PDO Threads ( face & body)

Outpatient procedure  
keeping the area clean is required for 3 weeks
Time off work Not required
Anesthesia Local Anaesthesia
Recovery/Swelling 3 weeks

Face, Neck & Body Lift

Much like with the Foxy Eyes procedure, we can use dissolvable Suture threads which are barbed to elevate sagging areas. The procedure’s aim is to achieve a tightened, lifted, and youthful appearance on the skin. We can use this procedure to lift the entire face and neck as well as areas of the body such as inner thighs.  Your expert practitioner at Platinum Glow Aesthetics has trained for this procedure not only in the UK, but also in Russia, the leading provider for these procedures.

Thread lift for the nose

Threads can also be placed into the nose to narrow it and lift the tip.

Thigh lift

We can use threads to lift the thighs, eliminate droopy inner thigh skin and create a toned youthful thigh appearance with no scars.

Your practitioner will inject local anaesthesia into the area which will be treated- these will feel like tiny pinches. Next a small cannula will be placed into the correct plane of the tissues and will be replaced by a pre- mounted blunt cannula to place the threads.


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Bruising and swelling may occur  
No swimming sauna or steam room 10 days-2 weeks  
Use spf 50 for 2 weeks  
No exercise for 1 week  
No alcohol for 24-48 hours