Non-surgical Breast Fillers

If you are looking for a safe and proven way to increase the size and enhance the shape of your breasts the professionals at Platinum Glow Aesthetics can help. We provide non-surgical breast filler treatments that produce the same or better results as breast augmentation surgery without the pain, risk, extensive recovery time or expense. If you want to ensure you always have a healthy and confident air about you our non-surgical breast fillers are the way to go.

About our breast fillers

Much like we can enhance the buttocks and hips with fillers, we are also able to fill the breasts with  approved body fillers.

The filler we inject into the breast has been proven safe and effective in countless clinical trials and is approved for use by the MHRA. The material is completely compatible with human physiology and is slowly absorbed by the body over the course of 12 - 18 months after being injected. If like virtually all our clients you are thrilled with the results just make an appointment to come back in for a refresher, or “top-up” treatment to maintain the look.

The procedure is painless  and long lasting. We are able to increase the breast size by half a cup size to 1 cup size at a time.

1. Procedure time: 1 hour
2. Pain level : 0
3. Long lasting results!

Say goodbye to breast lift scars

Regardless of whether the cosmetic surgeon inserts the implants via a slit under the breast crease or via the underarm, there will be scarification. Many women are understandably anxious to avoid breast surgery scars and if you are one of them non-surgical breast fillers are the answer.

Surgeons will often try to minimize the importance of scarring or try to reassure their patients that the scars are barely noticeable. Sometimes they’re right and sometimes they’re not. In addition, if you are unhappy with the results of breast augmentation surgery your only options are to either live with the unsatisfying results for the rest of your life or go back under the knife to have the implants removed, an unsettling possibility at best.

By contrast, the material used for non-surgical breast fillers is eventually absorbed by the body so if for some reason you are not happy with the result your body will naturally return to its previous state.

For the body you have always wanted without having to undergo dangerous and expensive surgery make an appointment today for non-surgical breast fillers at Platinum Glow Aesthetics.

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